Friday, March 18, 2011

March18, 2011

Now where was I?  Right, pass times, by which I mean hobbies. Although I get about a 50/50 split for this particular tid bit, Ill always stick to my guns with it. Thick and thin. Tall and short. Busty and flat, we should all have a hobby.

This advise borrows a bit of steam from my last post about passion, where we humans are a tad emotional. More often than not, we have oodles of feels a day, and for a lot of people, there isn't enough good ones out there to fill an entire week. I was about to say days, but Im sure we've all had those fantastic days where even a speeding ticket didnt slow you down. Any who, emotions are a type of energy, may not be a proven fact but I have a few arguments for the idea, and energy can not be created or destroyed. SO being only the one vessel that we are, we have our limits. Some people can bottle it all up, others go nuclear when they dont win an argument, but sooner or later we all tweak. Unless, of course, we have a way to release this energy. Enter the Hobby.

Ive found that not a lot of people actually have a good hobby they can rely on to help out in times of need. This may just be a guy thing, but when Im rather frustrated, I like to sort it out myself. Ive seen girls talk out a crisis that would literally cause my to nail small animals to the doors of my neighbors, which is rather impressive to be honest. I just cant. Now for forever I just bottled it up and let it diffuse to my surroundings in a streak of bad days. Sometimes more. This wasnt really an efficient way to deal with the bad stuff, because I saw it hurt people I genuinely cared for, which added fuel to the fire and prolonged the process. It wasnt until last year when I found something that helped my mindset more than I ever thought possible, barring amazing sex. I mean Ive tried many hobbies from model building, R/C boats and cars, reading, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, drinking, the odd recreational drug, fixing cars, even falconry. All those helped briefly, but aside from the latter, didnt hold my interest long or didnt really help my sort out my own issues when they arose. Then, after I finished my apprenticeship, I bought my first street bike. Now I was no stranger to two wheels, I used to motorcross and dirt bike all around my cabin aswell as mountain bike constantly, but neither of them holds a candle to the feeling of a sports bike. I can be in a fouler than foul mood, I mean quite livid, some ran over my dog like livid. Ive been told on more than one occasion that Ive scared them in these moods, and this coming from a friend is quite impressive, as Im 5'5 and a 140lbs soaking went, and 80% of my friends are over six foot and around the 200lbs mark.

Anyways, back on topic, in one of these just conditions, I get on my bike, the world is ok and even enjoyable by the time Im a city block away.  To be honest, take my man card away if you want, but I prefer bike riding to good sex. Im more eager to just disappear for an hour or two than to pick up a girl and go naughty. Even 'Great sex' and an hour ride  is a moral dilemma, in which I usually just give up and ask for both. Never happens, but cant shoot a dog for trying. My bike is my passion,  best therapist, and first true addiction. I quit smoking cigars at will, just didnt want to anymore, I cant quit the bike.

This being said, I think everyone should have something they can do, something they can rely on when the world is launching lemons at them with a tennis ball launcher. A hobby isnt meant to be a shield in such instances, its the lemon squeezer and vodka, turning it all into a great time. Life happens if you want it to or not, so theres no use blocking it out, itll get you eventually, might as well just find a way to make it easier to float.

There is a catch

As I only have on experience to use, Ill continue on with the bike topic, a passion such as this comes in many forms, Ive seen biking, boating, shooting, hunting, camping, all kinds of things, though mostly sportish, help guys and girls cope with teh day to day shyte that is stuffed in our throats. These things become a passionate pass time that people almost plan their life around, which can be hazardous. Especially if they are not the only person in that life. Lets say I was dumb enough to get married to a girl who doesn't understand my need for riding, let alone married at all lol. This woman wouldn't see me on the terms of dealing and having a great time with life, no, she would see it as avoidance. This is where you can get yourself into trouble when all you want to do on your spare time is go somewhere other than your lovers arms, to succumb to the call of the asphalt all summer. Lover or family for that matter. The results are usually never pretty, nor cheap. So if you take my advice and find that special something, and some one, there is a balance to be kept. That being said, dont let life drown you with the shit, and keep your pass time in mind when looking for a significant other.


My next girlfriend will have her own damn bike...

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