Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27, 2011

Ive been puzzling over this weeks post for a bit. You see Im not very wise, so my material list is dwindling rapidly. Alas, I have found one. This secret to Immortality.

Now its not the secret about being ageless in its strictest of definitions, just how to remain lively. They say age brings wisdom, and patience. Wisdom from the lessons you learn, of course, the best way to find out what not to do is to do it and survive the lesson, that little bit of information will stick with you until you rot. patience is an important one, but also a double edged sword. Sure if you wait, stuff eventually comes from time. It helps let your mind catch up with emotions on bad events, nullifies the stress that impatiences brings, and lets you appear to be a tad smarter than you actually are. The wits are the same, you just get more time to gather them. The con to this particular virtue is the waiting, because life doesnt. I mean waiting in line for a coffee is completely encouraged, it is after all the elixir that fuels life in itself,  but waiting for a sought after individual to become available can take way too long for it to pay off correctly.

Age also brings apathy. Now apathy has a bit of good and bad with it. You stop sweating the small stuff, which makes a marriage possible, and kids on theyre stampede through your projects, homes, and one of the most entertaining things to witness. You just wave off some stuff, it only costs money, to watch the little one gain a revelation, or a painful lesson. But when it gets really bad, some of the joy is less fulfilling as well, and tahst when I think you start to get "old" The old bitter betties that do nothing but complain, kids and lawns, you all know the drill. When life is that bad, youre no longer living.

So, although this is the most popular complaint about my self from the opposite gender, the secret to immortality is immaturity. You know the old ones that dont really get old, they just simply expire. The grandparents that usually spoil you rotten are a good example.  Some people call that living to the fullest, I guess, but in my minds eye, its as close to lasting forever as you can get.

So ladies, when your guy makes a silly joke and laughs, buys a toy that seems a bit before his age, fear not. This is just signs of a healthy attempt to keep from getting apathetic about life. Or to escape your nagging.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random Dilemma

So here it is, for the 5 odd people that stumble my way, what should I do?

You see Im an amateur writer of sorts, nothing published, but it vents my imagination like sex vents lust. To put it on paper, to see it develop and to be able to describe scenes and details can burn hours of my live blissfully away. And now I have a dilemma.

Its not all that surprising, my attention span for most of the world is fairly limited, and so this was just a matter of time really. I have an entire universe, a 3 novel trilogy formed in my head with a set of characters, creatures, and back story that Ive been working on since I was in high school. Its all come such a long way, I had about 1/2 of my first book down when I took a break, formatted, and lost it. I know I know, idiot not making sure it was backed up. You cant call me anything I havent called myself. Anyways, for the november novel challenge I wanted to do something new, so I dipped my fingers into the sci fi world, and rather impressively, I thought I had it fairly sorted out. November turned out to be a rather busy month, so the progress was laughable, but I stuck with the story and carried it on for a bit. As of now though, my itch to return to my fantasy uni is growing into a rash. I miss vampires, dragons, wizards, magic. My choice in television and books hasnt helped that at all. But Im still fond of this sci fi bit. So a poll. Sci Fi or modern fantasy?

Friday, March 18, 2011

March18, 2011

Now where was I?  Right, pass times, by which I mean hobbies. Although I get about a 50/50 split for this particular tid bit, Ill always stick to my guns with it. Thick and thin. Tall and short. Busty and flat, we should all have a hobby.

This advise borrows a bit of steam from my last post about passion, where we humans are a tad emotional. More often than not, we have oodles of feels a day, and for a lot of people, there isn't enough good ones out there to fill an entire week. I was about to say days, but Im sure we've all had those fantastic days where even a speeding ticket didnt slow you down. Any who, emotions are a type of energy, may not be a proven fact but I have a few arguments for the idea, and energy can not be created or destroyed. SO being only the one vessel that we are, we have our limits. Some people can bottle it all up, others go nuclear when they dont win an argument, but sooner or later we all tweak. Unless, of course, we have a way to release this energy. Enter the Hobby.

Ive found that not a lot of people actually have a good hobby they can rely on to help out in times of need. This may just be a guy thing, but when Im rather frustrated, I like to sort it out myself. Ive seen girls talk out a crisis that would literally cause my to nail small animals to the doors of my neighbors, which is rather impressive to be honest. I just cant. Now for forever I just bottled it up and let it diffuse to my surroundings in a streak of bad days. Sometimes more. This wasnt really an efficient way to deal with the bad stuff, because I saw it hurt people I genuinely cared for, which added fuel to the fire and prolonged the process. It wasnt until last year when I found something that helped my mindset more than I ever thought possible, barring amazing sex. I mean Ive tried many hobbies from model building, R/C boats and cars, reading, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, drinking, the odd recreational drug, fixing cars, even falconry. All those helped briefly, but aside from the latter, didnt hold my interest long or didnt really help my sort out my own issues when they arose. Then, after I finished my apprenticeship, I bought my first street bike. Now I was no stranger to two wheels, I used to motorcross and dirt bike all around my cabin aswell as mountain bike constantly, but neither of them holds a candle to the feeling of a sports bike. I can be in a fouler than foul mood, I mean quite livid, some ran over my dog like livid. Ive been told on more than one occasion that Ive scared them in these moods, and this coming from a friend is quite impressive, as Im 5'5 and a 140lbs soaking went, and 80% of my friends are over six foot and around the 200lbs mark.

Anyways, back on topic, in one of these just conditions, I get on my bike, the world is ok and even enjoyable by the time Im a city block away.  To be honest, take my man card away if you want, but I prefer bike riding to good sex. Im more eager to just disappear for an hour or two than to pick up a girl and go naughty. Even 'Great sex' and an hour ride  is a moral dilemma, in which I usually just give up and ask for both. Never happens, but cant shoot a dog for trying. My bike is my passion,  best therapist, and first true addiction. I quit smoking cigars at will, just didnt want to anymore, I cant quit the bike.

This being said, I think everyone should have something they can do, something they can rely on when the world is launching lemons at them with a tennis ball launcher. A hobby isnt meant to be a shield in such instances, its the lemon squeezer and vodka, turning it all into a great time. Life happens if you want it to or not, so theres no use blocking it out, itll get you eventually, might as well just find a way to make it easier to float.

There is a catch

As I only have on experience to use, Ill continue on with the bike topic, a passion such as this comes in many forms, Ive seen biking, boating, shooting, hunting, camping, all kinds of things, though mostly sportish, help guys and girls cope with teh day to day shyte that is stuffed in our throats. These things become a passionate pass time that people almost plan their life around, which can be hazardous. Especially if they are not the only person in that life. Lets say I was dumb enough to get married to a girl who doesn't understand my need for riding, let alone married at all lol. This woman wouldn't see me on the terms of dealing and having a great time with life, no, she would see it as avoidance. This is where you can get yourself into trouble when all you want to do on your spare time is go somewhere other than your lovers arms, to succumb to the call of the asphalt all summer. Lover or family for that matter. The results are usually never pretty, nor cheap. So if you take my advice and find that special something, and some one, there is a balance to be kept. That being said, dont let life drown you with the shit, and keep your pass time in mind when looking for a significant other.


My next girlfriend will have her own damn bike...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brandi made me do it.

 Seven random facts about myself. What would you all consider random? I could shoot out Im a father, but for those of you who know me, thats not really all that surprising.  I could tell you Im rather short, 5'5", as none of you can actually see me, so it doesnt really impact your view on me and or my blogs. On a roll of a di I could mention my addiction to speed and acceleration, mostly thanks to my crotchrocket. The fact that I put tobasco on almost everything I cook wouldnt surprised anyone if they already read my blog about women, and wouldnt bat much of an eyebrow to find out my favourite condiment is salsa. Though something you people my not have guessed is that I do occasionally write fiction, with two main story universes that I use regularly. Lastly, though this hasnt been an issue for a while, I hate pink.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

Im going to get this post out of the way for fear of being occupied this weekend. This one is just a guide to do well in life, in any thing really. Some of you may already know this hint, some may call it retarded, but I found it to strike a few cords quite strongly, and its some of the best advice I've ever been given. (Thanks Opa)

The secret, if you could call it that, was given to me by a baker. Now bakers aren't renown for a over whelming success and wealth, fantastic work hours, I can say that when I think of a good paying job, it doesn't even touch my two remaining braincells. My grandfather was a baker for most of his adult life, aside from a tour in the military, he apprenticed in the Netherlands and then moved here to Canada to start a new life. He's told me many a tale of difficulty and I can see some points where if he didnt follow his little piece of advice, he may have given up. All said and told, the man has been married for 53 years now, raised four successful children, and still managed to provide support and entertainment for his family. When i say this, I mean All my uncles and aunt had a motorbike, and the necessities for water skiing at a cabin Opa built. Lake front. (Its where He and my grandmother have retired to.)  I look at the sum of all this, and it cant just be from good bartering (He is dutch after all) And I brought my conclusion up to him once and he just smiled and laughed a bit before letting me into a secret. "All you need to succeed is two little things, and the rest will take care of its self. The first is an obvious common sense. The second is Passion for what you do."

Now I was 16 at the time, and basically blinked and nodded like I understood. I mean in a sense I did, but only at the very basic of understandings. Like what do for a living. That was just the beginning, now 9 years later, I think Ive got a better grasp on what he was trying to say. Not so much like what you do, but love what you've become or are becoming. I can see that my grandfather loves to bake, because after a career of over 45yrs, he still bakes. I get a black forest cake for my birthday, he bakes his own bread, and his cookies are so good I honestly can say, without a doubt, that I would kill for them. (nomnomnomnom)

To reason it out a bit more, because I love to over think things, it makes sense on almost scientific level. We, as humans, are a very emotional species. The chemicals given to us by evolution have made certain that we feel love, hate, fear, pride, and lust on a regular basis, or else we're deemed insane. Ive seen too many people bottle all those emotions to to the limit, and then they pop. Its bad to watch sometimes, unless its the last one, and they actually are mentally injured from the event. So what Im getting at is that we as humans need to feel, and to let these feelings out in our own ways, and the result is generally a pretty good feeling about ones self. That being said, have you ever loved your job? I mean you go to work and leave with a bit of a smile on your face, or eager to go back the next day to finish a certain task? It has that satisfying feeling that assures you that youre doing what youre meant to, and that youre proud of what youve accomplished. Those little bits are what are important. Ive heard the story too many times "Man, I wish I had done life differently." "I wish I didnt do what I do, but its a job." And I wince every time. It turns your job into a regret and chore, and how many hours of your life are you devoting to a regret? Some how that just doesnt seem like a great way to spend your time.

And I know, there are tough days, ignorant management, asshole colleges, lack of work opportunities, ect ect, that can make life utterly miserable and quite difficult. This isnt the solution to all of life's problems, hell, it might not help some people at all. But I personally have seen the results, more than once, and starting to live it as we speak. So my word of advice this week is simply this. Passion.

I think Im going to dive into the need for a pass time next week...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

 Sorry to be late, all four of you who might stumble across this blog.  Ive had a busy week and weekend, plus a few ideas for this weeks post that I couldnt really sort out. So I did the old gamer trick and tossed a di. This weeks words of wisdom are the Spice of life.

This post displays the opinion of a male, there fore could be taken as prejudice to the female gender. No intent of such is intended. Reader discretion is advised.

Now gentleman, I think we are all on accord with the fact women are crazy. (If we have to swallow the stupid card ladies, you get insanity.)  When we're young and dumb, we set out on the voyage to find "The one." This fabled and elusive creature has the descriptions of beauty, entertaining, and of course, sound mind. This is the version of the unicorn all guys initially seek as the girl to bring home to the folks.  This is when we still think our mothers are sane and ideal girls (Some of us anyways, others are introduced to the crazy side at a young age.) Then at a certain age you are informed of your delusions. Its a shock when you finally come to that realization that ALL of them are bat sh*t insane. Granted they do have that hormone reason, which Im thankful they have to bare and not I, but the results are a general negativity towards our farer sex. Now I ask you this, would you really want that sane woman?

Some of you might look at me like Im clinging on to by "Stupid" sign, but truth be told, I like em a bit crazy. One of the reasons is just the sheer entertainment value of it all, because if you just came home everyday to the "perfect" home. Food on table, house clean, and no drama, that would be fantastic. For maybe a year. This could be different for the rest of you, who could live off that style indefinitely,  but I would start to vegetate. Full on onset of rot. Not to mention the sex would get routine. ~shudders~ This I think is the stem of the lack of sex in  marriage jokes we all know. No sir, not me. I want some variety in the every day routine. Im not saying I want to come home everyday and find myself in the middle of a hormonal jungle of cannibals every day, we all have long days where we need to wind down before cutting into the home issues, but every once would be a ok be me. Oh sure Id complain, but thats my right as a human being. Secretly Id be thankful.

I guess all Im trying to say is, stop looking at the crazy part of our opposite sex as a negative. Instead, here is an analogy that all men should be able to relate to, Crazy is just the spice of life. The old saying, "Sugar and spice makes everything nice." Sugar is easily related to sweetness, no real hard brain work used on that one. But Spice. That, my friends, is the excitement. We all love our food differently, some people love the sweets, the savoury, and the spicy, and dont get my started on the salty. Sow ith that said, everyone likes a different amount of them all. Personally, I love the cajun food,  spicy and not good for ya.