Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

 Sorry to be late, all four of you who might stumble across this blog.  Ive had a busy week and weekend, plus a few ideas for this weeks post that I couldnt really sort out. So I did the old gamer trick and tossed a di. This weeks words of wisdom are the Spice of life.

This post displays the opinion of a male, there fore could be taken as prejudice to the female gender. No intent of such is intended. Reader discretion is advised.

Now gentleman, I think we are all on accord with the fact women are crazy. (If we have to swallow the stupid card ladies, you get insanity.)  When we're young and dumb, we set out on the voyage to find "The one." This fabled and elusive creature has the descriptions of beauty, entertaining, and of course, sound mind. This is the version of the unicorn all guys initially seek as the girl to bring home to the folks.  This is when we still think our mothers are sane and ideal girls (Some of us anyways, others are introduced to the crazy side at a young age.) Then at a certain age you are informed of your delusions. Its a shock when you finally come to that realization that ALL of them are bat sh*t insane. Granted they do have that hormone reason, which Im thankful they have to bare and not I, but the results are a general negativity towards our farer sex. Now I ask you this, would you really want that sane woman?

Some of you might look at me like Im clinging on to by "Stupid" sign, but truth be told, I like em a bit crazy. One of the reasons is just the sheer entertainment value of it all, because if you just came home everyday to the "perfect" home. Food on table, house clean, and no drama, that would be fantastic. For maybe a year. This could be different for the rest of you, who could live off that style indefinitely,  but I would start to vegetate. Full on onset of rot. Not to mention the sex would get routine. ~shudders~ This I think is the stem of the lack of sex in  marriage jokes we all know. No sir, not me. I want some variety in the every day routine. Im not saying I want to come home everyday and find myself in the middle of a hormonal jungle of cannibals every day, we all have long days where we need to wind down before cutting into the home issues, but every once would be a ok be me. Oh sure Id complain, but thats my right as a human being. Secretly Id be thankful.

I guess all Im trying to say is, stop looking at the crazy part of our opposite sex as a negative. Instead, here is an analogy that all men should be able to relate to, Crazy is just the spice of life. The old saying, "Sugar and spice makes everything nice." Sugar is easily related to sweetness, no real hard brain work used on that one. But Spice. That, my friends, is the excitement. We all love our food differently, some people love the sweets, the savoury, and the spicy, and dont get my started on the salty. Sow ith that said, everyone likes a different amount of them all. Personally, I love the cajun food,  spicy and not good for ya.


  1. I applaud your bravery!

    I like to be upfront with my crazy. I lose it like you would not believe... I give fair warning though. I think all women should have a sensor on their hormones that gives warning cause that shit sneaks up sometimes and I'm pretty in tune with my crazyness. Sometimes I let it out for fun though :)

  2. That is a rare trait, my dear. Make sure you advertise it, lol.

    And yes, it can be fun from time to time.

  3. Funny thing is that I actually do advertise it. I have the talk with any guy that I hang out with and they dont believe me. They assume I'm some meek girl just because I am quiet most of the time.

    Its not my fault they cant handle the heat. Seriously some men can be stupid about those things

  4. Well, back to the food analogy, a lot of guys think they can handle the spicy food, and they dive blinding into a plate of good hot wings. Then they start swearing, drinking lots, and bailing.

    To some of us, theres nothing we cant do, until its proven we cant do them. Could be stupid. Could be Brave. Could be Ignorant. The division of the first is a pretty fine line. lol