Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27, 2011

Ive been puzzling over this weeks post for a bit. You see Im not very wise, so my material list is dwindling rapidly. Alas, I have found one. This secret to Immortality.

Now its not the secret about being ageless in its strictest of definitions, just how to remain lively. They say age brings wisdom, and patience. Wisdom from the lessons you learn, of course, the best way to find out what not to do is to do it and survive the lesson, that little bit of information will stick with you until you rot. patience is an important one, but also a double edged sword. Sure if you wait, stuff eventually comes from time. It helps let your mind catch up with emotions on bad events, nullifies the stress that impatiences brings, and lets you appear to be a tad smarter than you actually are. The wits are the same, you just get more time to gather them. The con to this particular virtue is the waiting, because life doesnt. I mean waiting in line for a coffee is completely encouraged, it is after all the elixir that fuels life in itself,  but waiting for a sought after individual to become available can take way too long for it to pay off correctly.

Age also brings apathy. Now apathy has a bit of good and bad with it. You stop sweating the small stuff, which makes a marriage possible, and kids on theyre stampede through your projects, homes, and one of the most entertaining things to witness. You just wave off some stuff, it only costs money, to watch the little one gain a revelation, or a painful lesson. But when it gets really bad, some of the joy is less fulfilling as well, and tahst when I think you start to get "old" The old bitter betties that do nothing but complain, kids and lawns, you all know the drill. When life is that bad, youre no longer living.

So, although this is the most popular complaint about my self from the opposite gender, the secret to immortality is immaturity. You know the old ones that dont really get old, they just simply expire. The grandparents that usually spoil you rotten are a good example.  Some people call that living to the fullest, I guess, but in my minds eye, its as close to lasting forever as you can get.

So ladies, when your guy makes a silly joke and laughs, buys a toy that seems a bit before his age, fear not. This is just signs of a healthy attempt to keep from getting apathetic about life. Or to escape your nagging.

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