Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brandi made me do it.

 Seven random facts about myself. What would you all consider random? I could shoot out Im a father, but for those of you who know me, thats not really all that surprising.  I could tell you Im rather short, 5'5", as none of you can actually see me, so it doesnt really impact your view on me and or my blogs. On a roll of a di I could mention my addiction to speed and acceleration, mostly thanks to my crotchrocket. The fact that I put tobasco on almost everything I cook wouldnt surprised anyone if they already read my blog about women, and wouldnt bat much of an eyebrow to find out my favourite condiment is salsa. Though something you people my not have guessed is that I do occasionally write fiction, with two main story universes that I use regularly. Lastly, though this hasnt been an issue for a while, I hate pink.

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  1. I love salsa! My fave is from the mexican market down the street from me. They make it fresh and its freaking delicious.